Volta Shutters After 9 Months, Adding To Mid-Market's Fine-Dining Graveyard

Mid-Market's ongoing restaurant woes have continued this week, with another fledgling high-end eatery biting the dust.

Inside Scoop reports that Volta, the latest venture from Umberto Gibin and Staffan Terje of the Financial District's Perbacco and Barbacco, closed its doors for good on Saturday evening.

Despite positive reviews for the Scandanavian brasserie, including three stars from the Chron's Michael Bauer, Gibin told Inside Scoop that Volta's revenue plunged in August. Even after discontinuing lunch service and doubling down on dinner in September, a recovery did not follow, and Gibin and Terje decided not to invest further.

Volta's happy hour snacks.

"We thought our unique concept and sleek design could counter some of the innate challenges of operating within the current San Francisco restaurant climate, but the numbers tell us we were wrong," the restaurant said in a Facebook post. "Ultimately, the financial reality of operating a business in a still-evolving urban location overshadowed the incredible talent and hard work of our tireless team."

Volta's departure is the fourth in a string of notable restaurant closures in the neighborhood. OroCadence and Bon Marché also shuttered this year after less than a year in business. But new Mid-Market destinations are still on the way: Burma Superstar is planning a spinoff at Fifth and Mission, and new wine bar Waystone is still under construction at Sixth and Market.

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