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Work On Unlucky Upper Haight Infrastructure Project Resumes Today

Last Wednesday, the Upper Haight's infrastructure project was hit with yet another gas line rupture, but construction on the accident-prone project resumes today.

According to Alex Murillo, Public Affairs Officer at Public Works, a subcontractor was hand-digging in front of Black Scale clothing at 1409 Haight and struck a half-inch gas line. Gas service was interrupted for Black Scale and X-Generation next door for about two hours.

Murillo said in an email that safety protocols agreed upon after last year's rash of gas line ruptures were followed, and that work was halted for an internal review. Last last week and over the weekend, the "No Parking" signs were removed from the 1400 block to free up parking. Work on the project will resume today, Murillo confirmed.

Haight Street merchants are bracing for the project to resume, as every gas leak and setback means more time that business is impacted negatively for them.

"This is having a devastating impact to our business and is a huge problem for the residents and merchants," Dave Groeschel of Mom's Tattoo said in an email. "We need to have the city make sure that everyone is safe but speaking as a merchant, we need to get some sort of compensation for all this time we have been damaged financially by the incompetence of those running and working on this project."

We'll keep you updated as the construction schedule changes.

And, if you'd like to review the saga, cue up Yakety Sax and peruse the timeline: 


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