FiDi & North Beach Crime: Gang Members Arrested, Shooting On Columbus, Another Robbery On Lombard

In this week's Central Station newsletter, Captain David Lazar says its been a busy month and highlights some "great work" by his officers.

"Officers Frugoli and Baldwin arrested a burglary suspect, who was on probation, on the 600 block of Montgomery Street on October 6th," he writes. "The suspect had in his possession a steel cutting tool, a crowbar and adjustable pliers." 

And "Officers Cheng, Guerrero, Williams and Zandanel arrested three known gang members, one of which with a firearm and narcotics and one wanted for a burglary," Lazar said. The "outstanding arrest" was made at 9:45pm Oct. 19th at the Ferry Building.

With Halloween just around the corner, Captain Lazar noted that his next newsletter will provide safety tips for those who plan to get out and about for local celebrations.

And now on to our bi-weekly crime roundup, culled from the SFPD's daily crime recaps. 

Man punched in the face while walking home

A man, 55, was walking home at 8:40pm October 8th on the 400 block of Broadway Street in North Beach when he noticed a group of people standing in front of his house. A man in his 20s then punched the victim in the face, causing the victim to drop a bag containing his belongings. The suspect grabbed the bag and fled northbound on Broadway. The victim suffered a cut to his lip but refused medical attention.

Suspect flashes gun, runs off with victim's goods

A man, 23, sitting in Washington Square Park near the corner of Union and Stockton Streets was robbed by a man with a gun around 3am October 9th. The suspect, a man in his 20s, reportedly approached the victim, asked what he was doing in the park, then lifted his shirt to reveal a hand gun. The victim then pulled out his cell phone, wallet and keys, and gave them to the suspect. The suspect fled the scene on foot.

Man beaten with a cane, suspect in custody

Two men got into a fight on the 300 block of Columbus Avenue in North Beach just before 5pm October 9th. As they tussled, the suspect, a man aged 37, grabbed a cane and started beating the victim, another man, 39. SFPD arrived on the scene and were able to take the suspect into custody. The victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Man shot at Columbus Avenue and Broadway

A man, 35, was shot near the corner of Columbus Avenue and Broadway Street in North Beach at 1am October 10th. The victim heard a gun shot, then realized he was hit. The victim's girlfriends drove him to the hospital, where his non-life threatening gun shot wound was treated.

Man punched in the face, looses consciousness

Also in North Beach: At 2am October 15th, a 29-year-old man on the 400 block of Broadway Street was assaulted by three unknown suspects. The suspects approached and starting punching the victim in the head. When the victim fell to the ground, the suspects began kicking him in the face. SFPD officers found the victim unconscious on the street, and sent him to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries to his neck, arm and head.

ATM possibly lit on fire

A business in Chinatown may have been the victim of arson. A manager of the business, on the 1000 block of Grant Avenue, noticed that his ATM was damaged after hours some time between October 14th and 16th. An investigation is underway.

Hot prowl burglary results in loss of computer equipment

A hot prowl burglary occurred some time between 1:30am and 7am October 15th on the 300 block of Powell Street in Union Square. The victim, a woman age 55, woke up to find that her backpack was open and items were missing, including computer equipment and a recording device.

Woman robbed at gunpoint near crocked street

Another robbery occurred this week near the crocked section of Lombard Street—an area that's currently seeing an uptick in crime. At 8:49pm October 17th, near the corner of Jones and Lombard Streets in Russian Hill, a suspect in his 30s approached a woman, 55, pulled out a handgun and demanded her property. The victim handed over her wallet, containing U.S. and foreign currency, as well as her camera. The suspect then fled to an awaiting vehicle, which fled southbound on Jones Street.

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