Hot Off The Tipline: Squatter Arrested, 'Relic' Unearthed, Election Sights And More

It's finally the weekend, and high time to share the latest tips we've received via our email tipline and new SMS tipline, powered by Muxgram

In Noe Valley, Tipster Jeff M. sent in the above picture, of police officers standing outside of a home on Jersey Street.

A caretaker discovered a home on Jersey Street near Dolores St. was broken into while the owner was away. The police came and the property was boarded up but the perpetrators returned last night and were again squatting at the house when they discovered today.  At least one was arrested.

In the Castro, an anonymous tipster reported that police were on the scene after "pedestrian hit by car at 16th and Market street" at 9:45pm on Oct. 27th. We were unable to find out more about the incident.

It's getting closer to election day, and it seems like this election cycle is wearing everyone down, including the postal service. Pissed Off Voters SF tweeted out the following picture captured in NoPa on October 13th:

Following this tweet, SF Elections, the official handle for the San Francisco Department of Elections, brought it to the Postal Service's attention.

With less than two weeks left before election day, tipster R. H. sent us some photos of the exterior of the old KRON building at Van Ness and O'Farrell, which has been serving as Hillary Clinton's campaign headquarters. 

Photos: Tipster R. H.

Taking a break from politics, tipster Jes W. noticed a sign notifying customers that Dada was moving from its current location on 86 Second St., to 65 Post St. 

We published a story about the upcoming move when we noticed this back in March, but it's worth noting that today is the bar's last in its current location.

Photo: Tipster Jes W.

Before we send you off to enjoy this Halloween weekend, tipster Bailey M. sent us a tip about an interesting sighting in Golden Gate Park.

My dog dug up a strange relic-like thing behind California Academy of Science near the racquetball courts in Golden Gate Park. It looks like an idol/symbol or something and the weekend rains helped unearth it.

Photo: Tipster Bailey M.

Do you know what it is? Let us know in the comments.

Finally,  tipster Brian L. sent us in a video of a charming project out at Ocean Beach. "Louie and his friends made this lovely sunset-facing beach bench lounge out of driftwood on Ocean Beach," he wrote. "So awesome! It got wiped out after the recent storm and now he is rebuilding with deeper pilings." Check out the video here

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