Sunset/Cole Valley/West Portal Crime: Dog Park Drug Bust, Armed Duo Steals Laptop, More

It's been a busy few weeks since our last crime roundup. Here's a look at some of the criminal activity reported around the Inner Sunset, Cole Valley and West Portal in mid-to-late October:

October 31st

Officers from Taraval Station responded to the 1800 block of 15th Avenue at 1:10am to investigate a "hot prowl" burglary—a theft from an occupied residence. A 39-year-old female resident told police that she woke up to "the sound of the garage door opening," and found that an intruder made off with her wallet and 2009 Mercedes. No arrest has been made.

October 26th

Police were called to the 3300 block of 17th Avenue at 1:30pm to investigate a reported robbery. The 43-year-old victim told police he was working when an 18- to 20-year-old man "came in and created a commotion." When the victim got up to speak to the suspect and looked back at his desk, a second suspect in the same age bracket "was standing there, but the laptop was gone."

Although the first suspect "had scissors in his hand," the victim followed the robbers to demand the return of his 13-inch laptop. The suspect carrying the scissors "turned towards him while reaching into the pocket with the scissors, while telling him to stop following." No arrest was made. 

October 24th

A victim called police to the 1200 block of 11th Avenue at 9:11am to file a false impersonation report. According to the resident, someone opened a bank account using their name. Police are investigating.

At 9:26am, police were dispatched to the 1300 block of 18th Avenue to investigate a forced-entry burglary.

At 10:32pm, officers responded to a robbery call at a store on the 600 block of Taraval. A female victim "reported that she observed three suspects taking multiple items of merchandise from a shelf and putting them into their backpacks." Although the victim attempted to intervene, "she was pushed aside when the suspects fled the location." Police searched the area, locating the suspects several blocks away, where they were arrested.

In excellent condition, a 2000 Honda CR-V is worth about $2,800. | PHOTO: PINTHISCARS

October 23rd

A black 2000 Honda CR-V was reported stolen from the intersection of 16th Ave. & Lawton St. at 12:19 am.

October 22nd

Police from Taraval Station responded to a report of a forced-entry burglary on the 200 block of West Portal.

October 21st

At 11:34am, police investigated a break-in at a residence on the 2200 block of 18th Avenue. Two hours later, they responded to the 2100 block of 9th Avenue for the same reason.

October 20th

Police from Park Station arrested an individual at Richard Gamble Memorial Park (at Carl & Cole streets). The person was charged with possession for sale for unknown hallucinogens, marijuana and methamphetamine.

October 16th

An individual was arrested at the corner of Stanyan & Parnassus for aggravated assault, making terrorist threats and malicious mischief.

SFPD Park Station will hold its monthly community meeting on Tuesday, November 8th at 6pm in the station's meeting room at 1899 Waller St. To contact the station directly with tips, call (415) 731-2865.

Taraval Station is scheduled to hold its next community relations forum on November 15th from 7-9pm at the station (2345 Taraval St.)

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Sunset cole valley west portal crime dog park drug bust armed duo steals laptop more