Turk Street May Soon Receive Parking-Protected Bike Lane

Just a few months after the Tenderloin received its first bike lane, plans are in the works to add another. And unlike the inaugural bike lane on Golden Gate—which some cyclists say does not go far enough to protect bikers—the second bike lane, proposed for Turk Street, may be physically protected from vehicles traveling in the same direction.

During next Friday's SFMTA engineering public hearing, the agency will discuss its proposal to add a parking-protected bike lane to Turk Street from Mason to Polk.

According to the hearing agenda and notices posted around the neighborhood, the SFMTA is planning to reduce Turk Street's westbound vehicle travel lanes, adding a green bicycle lane between the sidewalk and parking.

Image: SFMTA

Pages eight and nine of the meeting agenda list all of the alterations the agency plans to make to red zones, passenger-loading zones, parking meters, turn restrictions and more to accommodate new bicycle infrastructure. As proposed, work will start this winter.

The public notice calls these proposed improvements "quick and effective measures that strive to address the community’s concerns about high speeds, drivers that do not yield to people walking, and aging infrastructure." But they are only "near-term" solutions for this stretch of Turk Street, which is one of the high-injury corridors targeted by the city's Vision Zero campaign. The notice states that the agency will continue working with the community on the longer-term Turk Street Safety Project.

The sparse project website for the Turk Street Safety Project notes that planning began this summer, and further improvements down the line could include upgrades to traffic signals and their timing to reduce speeding, as well as upgraded crosswalks and bulbouts to increase pedestrian visibility.

Friday's public hearing starts at 10am in City Hall, room 416. Interested parties may also want to stick around to hear details and submit comments on additional bike and pedestrian safety improvements in the works for Seventh and Eighth street

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