FiDi & North Beach Crime: Lotto Ticket Thief, Car Stolen In Hot Prowl, Woman Knifed During Robbery

SFPD's Central Station newsletter has been on hiatus for the last two weeks, so here's our bi-weekly crime roundup, but culled from daily police recaps

Traffic collision turns into robbery

On November 4th just after 1pm on the 100 block of O'Farrell Street in Union Square, two men were involved in a traffic accident. One man, 23, tried to flee the scene, while the victim, a man, 55, used his cell phone to take photos of the suspect. The suspect then grabbed the phone and tried to flee again before police officers arrived and were able to take him into custody. 

Argument at a pub leaves man unconscious 

In the FiDi on the 500 block of Jackson Street on November 4th at 11:35pm, two men were arguing at a bar when a man in his mid 20s to mid 30s strangled the victim, 43, until he lost consciousness. the suspect then dropped the victim causing his head to hit the floor. Witnesses then saw the suspect flee in a black Chevy van eastbound on Jackson Street. The victim was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. 

Woman slapped after argument at pizza joint

A man, 30, and a woman, 26, were standing in line to order pizza on the 500 block of Grant Avenue on November 5th near Chinatown when the woman started arguing with a male, 24. He then slapped her and her companion tried to intervene which caused a physical fight between him and five other suspects, all in their 20s. The victim was transported to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. 

Woman punched after bump-in at store

On November 8th on the 100 block of Drumm Street near the Ferry Building, a 19-year-old man walked into a store and bumped into a woman, 47. They got into an argument and the suspect punched her in the face and she fell to the ground. He then jumped on top of her and continued to punch her again. The suspect left the scene but police were able to apprehend him and take him into custody. 

Suspect pulls woman into alley, cuts her with knife, steals purse

A robbery occurred near the corner of Jackson and Battery Streets in the FiDi at 7:36 on November 8th. A woman, 21, was walking when a man in his mid to late 20s approached from behind and pulled her into an alley. As she was trying to escape, the suspect cut her on the arms and leg with a knife, grabbed her purse and wallet and fled the scene on foot in an unknown direction. She was taken to a hospital and treated for her wounds but was in non-life threatening condition. 

Teen snatch purse and run

Three teens robbed a woman, 48, on Broadway Street and the Embarcadero on November 9th at 7:28pm. She was walking when the three suspects came up to her from behind and ripped her purse off of her shoulder before they ran away. The victim lost her purse, passport, cash and cards. 

Suspect arrested after forcing way into home

Just before midnight on November 11th on the 2000 block of Taylor Street in Russian Hill a hot prowl occurred when a man, 26, knocked on the front door of a home. When residents opened the door, he forced his way in. Several roommates the hid in their room and called police. Another resident, a woman, 25, checked to see what was going on and was able to chase the suspect out of the home. Officers arrived at the scene and were able to take the suspect into custody. 

Police respond to shots fired

Officers responded to the 1100 block of Battery Street at 2am on November 13th near the Embarcadero with calls of gun shots fired. When they arrived on scene, police located five spent handgun casings and a window of a third story building with a bullet hole. 

Man robbed with knife to his throat 

A man, 24, was walking near Washington and Hyde Streets in Nob Hill on November 13th at 10:25pm when a dark colored four door sedan pulled up along side him. One of the suspects aged 20-30 exited the car and put a knife to the victim's neck. He then demanded his belongings containing a bag with a wallet and his laptop. The suspect then fled the scene in the vehicle with two other unknown suspects. 

Victim sent to hospital after hit and run

A man, 70, was getting into his parked car at Mason and Bush Streets in Nob Hill on November 14th just after midnight when he was struck by another vehicle. The black, four-door vehicle then fled the scene. The victim was transported to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. 

Hot prowl burglar steals car

In Nob Hill at 3pm on November 14th on the 1300 block of Washington Street, a man, 58, walked down stairs in his home and noticed a broken window and his front door open. He then realized that his car, watches and cash were gone. 

Three suspects hold shop up at gun point

Three suspects between the ages of 15-30 walked into a Chinatown store on the 1000 block of Stockton Street just before 6pm on November 14th. One of the suspects pointed a gun at the victim, 66, and then went behind the counter taking cash and medicine. The suspects then fled on to Stockton Street in an unknown direction. 

Suspect snatches satchel at cafe

A man, 32, was standing outside of a cafe on the 500 block of Pacific Avenue in the FiDi on November 15th just before 3pm when a suspect in his 20s stole his backpack that was sitting inside the cafe. When the victim confronted the suspect, he brandished a handgun and then fled on foot. The victim sustained minor injuries to his hand but refused transport to a hospital. 

Lottery scratcher thief hopes to win big

A man in his late 50s walked into a store on the 100 block of Pine Street in the FiDi on November 15th at 11:35am and asked the clerk for lottery tickets. He recognized the suspect from past encounters and moved to the front of the store. The suspect then grabbed lottery tickets from another employee and slapped the first victim before absconding with the scratchers. 

Couple robbed at gunpoint

At 10pm on November 17th on the 1100 block of Mason Street in Nob Hill, two male suspects in their 20s approached a man, 43, and a woman, 44, on foot and pointed a handgun at them. They demanded the victim's property, which they handed over, including a laptop, wallet, cash, cell phone and passports. The suspects then fled the scene southbound on Mason Street in a white sedan. 

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