Hot Off The Tipline: Human Feces In Driveways, Post-Election Distress, Labor Strikes And More

As you head into your first post-election weekend, here's a look at the latest tips we've been getting from around the city. All these tips came in from Hoodline readers via our new SMS tipline at (415) 200-3233, at, and our Twitter account, @hoodline.

Tipster Niel M. told us about a "labor strike in effect at The Duboce apartments construction site [at] 181 Sanchez" in the Duboce Triangle/Castro area. 

Here's what he had to say:

Appears to be about wages and benefits. Early this morning there were 20-30 workers sidelined, honoring the strike line; they've all gone home. 10 strikers remain on site, but no one has crossed line to work.
Labor strike at The Duboce apartments. | Photo: Niel M./Hoodline

In the Mission, tipster Jason H. saw a collision that had taken place on 20th and Treat after a car ran into a tree. No one was injured.

A car ran into a tree in the Mission. | Photo: Jason H./Hoodline

A bit further north, on the border of SoMa and the Mission, tipster Dan S. shared some concerns about private shuttle bus company Chariot, which recently took over a parking lot in the neighborhood. 

Chariot has begun parking and staging their fleet at a parking lot on the corner of 12th and Harrison. The neighborhood sees a high volume of traffic, including the side streets, Isis and Bernice. They will help Increase traffic in the area during commute hours.

Hoodline's SoMa editor, Elaine Gavin, checked in with several local businesses near the Harrison Chariot hub and on Bernice. "Nobody had noticed an increase in traffic in the area," she said. If you live in the area and see traffic on the rise, let us know.

Over in the Lower Haight, a tipster notified us of a person who's been doing some dirty deeds in the driveways of Fillmore Street residents:

"I'll just come out and say it: someone has been pooping in driveways! I first noticed a particularly gross and sizable obstacle a couple weeks ago in the sidewalk/driveway area on Fillmore between Haight and Page. It was noticeable because, having been in front of a garage door, the car drove over the poop when it was pulling out and well...smeared it.
Then smeared it and tracked it around some more when the car pulled back into the garage.

I thought this was just a deeply unpleasant coincidence, and eventually, the rain kind of took care of it. Until about two days ago, when I noticed a new pile in front of the same garage! Similarly, it had been driven over and smeared across the sidewalk and similarly, it was terrible. To avoid this mess, I began walking on the other side of the street—but wouldn't you know, there was poop in a driveway on that side too. Definitely not a coincidence.

Then today, I noticed ANOTHER driveway on that same block had been hit again. At this point it is clearly on purpose—someone is deliberately targeting the areas on sidewalks in front of garages for maximum grossness and inconvenience."

Again, if you live in the neighborhood and have seen similar occurrences, send us a tip.

Our cyclist tipsters continue to be vocal about instances of vehicles blocking bike lanes—including an Herbalife commercial shoot that blocked bike paths in Golden Gate Park.

But not everyone is a scofflaw. Tipster Randall D. sent this photo applauding a truck two trucks for not double-parking in the bike lane on Seventh Street in SoMa.

In Lower Pac Heights, tipster Abigail R. snapped a photo of a collision at Post and Steiner:

Collision at Post and Steiner. | Photo: Abigail R./Hoodline
"A witness said the grey car (in road) was driving the wrong way, no lights on, ran the red, driving very fast and erratically. No one was seriously injured, from what I heard."

Further out west in the Inner Richmond, an anonymous tipster told us about "police activity at Clement and 3rd Avenue, with 2nd Avenue blocked off also between Clement and Cornwall."

We contacted SFPD about the two incidents, but our calls haven't been returned. We'll update this story if and when we get more information. 

Changing gears a bit from crime-related news, tipster Irina E. informed us about a new women's shoe boutique called Sentiero, which recently opened in Union Square. The shop, located at 11 Maiden Lane, features several different Italian brands, and also offers accessories. The store is open seven days a week, from 10am to 6pm.

As we mentioned above, the election may be over, but that doesn't mean everyone's happy with the outcome. Tipster Baygelldawg took the photo below on Thursday morning of a sign posted outside of Dog Eared Books on Castro Street.

Photo: Baygelldawg/Hoodline

Similar feelings were expressed in SoMa, where tipster Nicole M. sent us this photo of a man holding up a "The End Is Nigh" sign at Market and Fourth streets on the day after the election. 

Photo: Nicole M./Hoodline

Have any questions about your neighborhood you need answered? See something interesting while you’re out and about? Text Hoodline and we’ll see what we can find: (415) 200-3233 (powered by Muxgram). 

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