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'Little Wing' Now Open On Haight, Offering SF-Made Psychedelic Garb

When Steve Wilson, the 45-year proprietor of Looking Glass Collage (1572 Haight St.) retired and shuttered the store late last month, it seemed likely that it would remain vacant for a long stint—like many retail storefronts on the street this year.

However, after only a brief closure, the store is already back in business as Little Wing, a venture of Sunshine Powers, one of the owners of Jammin' On Haight, and the people who brought you Warrior Within Designs.

The shop, which offers an array of bright jumpsuits, tops and pants in psychedelic colors, opened its doors last Friday. It features designs by JenJen and Grant Patten of Warrior Within, as well as Powers herself.

"We at Jammin' are about to put out a whole new line of our own printed tie-dye designs," Powers said, "and Jammin' is only so big. [We] decided that we wanted a separate space for our non-tie-dye items.  They can get lost in the tie-dye."

Although she and JenJen had looked at other locations, Power said that it ultimately felt important to her to have more San Francisco-made offerings on the street. And the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love was a great opportunity for her.

"JenJen and I had always talked about opening a shop," she said. "We had thought about Colorado and North Carolina. We even looked at a space in the Mission. But my community and my home is in the Haight. If I am going to own and manage a business, it is going to be on this street."

Over the next few months, Little Wing will roll out more designs for men and women, Powers said. And, as at Jammin', Little Wing will feature a selection of glitter in many colors, as well as a liberally supplied glitter sample bowl.

"The 1500 block of Haight needs a little more sparkle," Powers said. "We need to heal our community."

Little Wing is open daily from 12-7pm.


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