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'Misguided Kindness' Putting Bernal Hill Coyote In Danger

Today is Giving Tuesday, and as residents citywide are bombarded with ideas on how to lend a few extra dollars to local causes, Bernalwood has a warning to neighbors: Gifting to the beloved Bernal Hill coyote is not a good idea.

In an article published on Bernalwood today, Janet Kessler, a local coyote expert, wrote in to the dissuade neighbors from showering the neighborhood coyote with treats. Kessler explained, and offered photographic evidence, that drivers have been offering the female coyote food from their vehicle windows.

"Feeding the Bernal Coyote is bad enough, but feeding her from cars is detrimental," Kessler wrote. "As a result, she’s now out in the streets, approaching cars, stopping traffic, and even just hanging out there. Please remember: the last Bernal Hill coyote was killed by a car."

The coyote expert also warned against engaging with the coyote in any way, even if she approaches. "By respecting her wildness and giving her plenty of space, we can maintain a balance for coexistence which will work," Kessler wrote.

Head over to Bernalwood to read Kessler's warning in its entirety.


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