Missing Bearded Dragon 'Sticky' Returns Unscathed

Earlier this month, we reported on the mysterious case of a 15-inch lizard named Sticky, who went missing from his Mission backyard on October 23rd. 

John Reitan, the owner of the missing bearded dragon, feared that he may have been snatched by a bird of prey, but it turns out that Sticky was merely making himself scarce—perhaps to avoid the threat of inclement weather.

By way of a status update, the "Missing!" flyers posted around the neighborhood have been replaced to reflect that "Sticky is BACK!!"

Photo: tipster Jason H.

From the flyer:

He enjoyed tree climbing and being in the sun, but he buried himself for 2 weeks! (Supposedly, bearded dragons are good at predicting the weather, and Sticky didn't want to be exposed to the approaching rain storm.) Last seen in our yard on 20th Street on October 23rd. He was FOUND back in his favorite tree enjoying the warm weather on November 10th. Our family is so happy to have him back!

Congratulations to Sticky and family for the happy reunion.

Thanks to tipster Jason H.

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