It's Happening: Here's Where To Watch The Results On Election Day

The general election is just two days away, and after a vitriolic presidential campaign, not to mention countless political mailers clogging local mailboxes, the big day can't come soon enough.

No matter what happens, you won't be alone on election day. The entire country will be watching the results roll in, and here in SF, countless bars and venues will be screening election night coverage and offering discounts, drink specials, and a place to seek solidarity with your fellow citizens.

It's likely your neighborhood bar will be screening the results, but for a little something extra, here's where you might consider heading . (Note: our list doesn't include the election night parties hosted by specific candidates around town.)

To brush up before you visit the polls, don't forget to check out our election guide, which allows you to select from dozens of local organizations to see where they land on the issues and candidates.

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