Castro Crime: Driver-On-Driver Assault, Stabbing Suicide, Vandals Strike Again, More

Crime reports of late have continued to be relatively light in quantity, even more so than our last roundup. That said, we did see some unusual incidents this time around, including a man found dead with a knife in his chest and a driver-on-driver assault.

All reports are in chronological order and come via the SFPD's daily crime recaps, unless otherwise noted.

Sanchez Street Hot Prowl

On December 9th, a 29-year-old man awoke to find his a laptop and clothing stollen from his home on Sanchez near 16th. The victim did not see any suspects, who reportedly struck sometime before 7am, and no arrest was made.

Driver-On-Driver Assault

Around 12:10am December 11th, an unidentified man was assaulted near Collingwood and 18th. The victim was driving a vehicle when the suspect, a man age 30-40, followed him in his own vehicle. Once both vehicles came to a stop, the suspect exited his car, took out a weapon, opened the victim's door and hit him multiple times. The suspect fled in his vehicle, and the victim was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. No arrest was made.

Man Stabs Himself To Death Near Post Office

Last week, we reported that a man was found dead, with a knife in his chest, around 2:54pm December 12th near the 18th and Diamond post office. Authorities later identified the deceased as 63-year-old Peter Robinson. Based on a note left at the scene, the SFPD confirmed that the department is treating his death as a suicide.

If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, visit San Francisco Suicide Prevention, call the crisis line at (415) 781-0500 or text MYLIFE to 741741.

Dolores Park Muni Stop Vandalized

Photo: Tipster Moz/Hoodline

Around 9:42am this Friday, December 16th, tipster Moz alerted us that a Muni stop had been vandalized.

Just witnessed a group of what appeared to be student athletes destroy this MUNI shelter at 18th and Church by Dolores Park. Hopefully someone caught it on surveillance camera.

We have reached out to both Moz and SFPD Mission Station Captain Daniel Perea for more information, and are awaiting confirmation on the exact time the incident occurred, the number of suspects involved and whether they were in fact students.

Broken Window Woes Continue For Neighborhood Businesses

Photo: Steven Bracco/Hoodline

It happened in November to Harvest Ranch Market, early December to George's Market, and just last week we noticed that it's happened to the former A&G Merch—soon the new home of Photoworks. Broken business windows are an ongoing issue and can rack up serious costs to replace. But the space's future tenant moved quickly; by last Thursday, the damaged window was already repaired.

Did we miss any recent crimes around the neighborhood? If you've got info on a crime or neighborhood safety issue to share, send us a tip here or add a comment below. Or, text Hoodline at (415) 200-3233 if you see an incident, and we’ll see what we can find out.

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