FiDi & North Beach Crime: Drive-By Shooting, Frying Pan Assault, More

In this week's Central Station newsletter, Captain David Lazar writes that lieutenants, captains and command staff will be going through procedural justice training this month. The training is centered around the concepts of listening to the public, being fair and impartial, and respecting people's dignity. "This training serves as a reminder to us officers about the importance of our relationship with the community we serve."

Also, 13 officers from Central Station were honored last Tuesday by District 3 Supervisor Aaron Peskin. "The ceremony was in partnership with our heroic San Francisco Fire Fighters and honored both police and fire in their role in saving the life of a middle school student who collapsed at the corner Powell and Lombard streets on December 1st," Capt. Lazar wrote.

Now on to our bi-weekly crime roundup culled from SFPD reports.  

Man assaulted, robbed of backpack

On December 3rd at 11:20am a man, 58, was walking near Davis and Clay streets in the FiDi when he was hit by an unknown suspect. The suspect then stole his backpack and fled the scened on foot. The victim suffered non-life threatening injuries but was taken to a local hospital. 

Disruptive man arrested at hotel

A man, 40, was acting unruly in a hotel lobby on the 100 block of Drumm St. in the FiDi on December 3rd at 10:30pm. He was asked to leave by staff, and a security employee, 39, escorted the suspect out of the building, whereupon the suspect punched him in the head. The suspect fled but was later taken into police custody. The employee suffered minor injuries and was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. 

Couple robbed at gunpoint 

Two men in their 20s approached a man, 28, and a woman, 31, who were walking on Jones and Greenwich streets on December 4th just before 8pm in Russian Hill. One of the suspects pointed a gun at the man and demanded his property. The woman screamed and he then pointed the gun at her. Both suspects were able to snatch both of the victims' wallets, cell phones, cash, credit cards, keys and a purse. They then ordered the victims to walk in the opposite direction, and the suspects fled on foot. 

Store owner attacked over purchase dispute

On December 7th at 9:50pm, a man in his 40s walked into a store on the 600 block of Kearny Street in the FiDi and argued with the store owner, 54, about a purchased item. The suspect then punched him several times and ran away. The owner of the store suffered from a cut to the nose and was transported to a hospital.

Man assaulted and robbed after dispute over cab fare

Two men were exiting a taxi cab on December 9th just after midnight near Post and Montgomery streets in the FiDi when one of the men, 39, asked the other man (in his mid-to late 30s) to pay for the fare. The other man then punched the fare requester, took his cash and shirt and absconded into a nearby BART station. 

Man sets patio on fire

Police noticed a man, 18, set a patio on fire on the 400 block of Post Street in Union Square on December 10th at 3:10am. The fire department was able to extinguish the fire and the suspect was taken into custody. 

Man injured in drive-by shooting

In North Beach on December 11th at 2am, three men in their 20s (the victims) left a business on the 400 block of Columbus Avenue when one of them accidentally bumped into an unknown man, who was with two other men. An argument ensued but the victims walked away. Moments later, a car pulled up near the victims and shot at them before fleeing southbound on Columbus Avenue. One of the men was hit and was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. 

Victim robbed during home invasion 

A man between the age of 25-35 knocked on the door of an apartment and forced entry when the victim, 24, opened the door on December 11th at 4am on the 600 block of Clay Street in the FiDi. The suspect punched the victim before barging into the apartment, and threatened him before he ended up giving up his phone and tablet. The suspect then fled the scene. 

Pharmacy robbed of meds at gunpoint

At 9:44am on December 12th on the 1000 block of Stockton Street in Chinatown, two men in their 20s barged into a pharmacy and brandished a gun. One of the suspects told the victims, aged 23 and 60, to remain in place while the second suspect filled his backpack with bottles filled with medication. They then fled on foot.

Laptop and camera stolen in hot prowl burglary

A hot prowl burglary occurred on the 1100 block of Green Street in Russian Hill on December 12th at 2pm. A man, 25, was at home when he heard noise coming from his roommate's room. He called out to see who was there and then checked the door but found that it had been locked. After hearing rustling sounds from the blinds, he ran out of the house and saw a male suspect in his 20s running down the street and jumping over a fence. A laptop computer, camera and camera lens were stolen.

Woman hit with frying pan while doing dishes

A woman, 67, was washing dishes in a common area of her apartment building on the 800 block of Clay Street around midday when another woman, 63, grabbed her from behind and hit her with a frying pan. The suspect then began to hit her repeatedly and choked her until she passed out, leaving her unconscious for an unknown period of time. The victim was transported to a hospital in life-threatening condition, and the suspect was taken into custody.

Purse snatcher robs woman

A woman was robbed of her purse, containing her wallet and cash, on December 13th at 1pm near Powell and Geary in Union Square. The suspect, a man in is 30s, approached her, grabbed her purse and a struggle ensued before he was able to run off on foot in an unknown direction.

Woman punched, robbed of backpack

Two unknown men approached a woman, 26, while she was walking near Washington and Drumm Streets in the FiDi on December 13th at 11pm, forced her to get down on the ground, and demanded her property. They grabbed her backpack, punched her, then ran away westbound on Washington Street. The victim was transported to a hospital with minor injuries. 

Two men snatch purse and flee

At 11pm near Clay and Drumm streets in the FiDi on December 13th, two men in their early 20s tried to steal the purse of a woman, 35, who was accompanied by a man, but she fought back and refused to let it go. The two suspects then punched her until she let go of it, then fled the scene. They were seen getting into an unidentified car heading westbound on Washington Street. 

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