FiDi & North Beach Crime: Armed Robberies, Man Hit With Cane, Union Square Bystanders To The Rescue

In this week's Central Station newsletter, Capt. David Lazar announced new recruits from the most recent class of police academy graduates, welcoming five new officers to the station for field training.

Yesterday, Lazar, along with other top SFPD brass were scheduled to take part in the annual Brave the Bay challenge to support Law Enforcement Special Olympics.

Lazar added, "My daughter will be singing the National Anthem. It is great fun every year. The water is super cold!"

Now onto our bi-weekly crime roundup culled from SFPD daily recaps. 

Union Square Bystanders Thwart Cellphone Theft

On November 18th at 8pm in Union Square, an unknown man and woman grabbed a 41-year-old woman's cellphone and ran. A nearby witness was able to place the male suspect in a headlock until the female suspect approached and was able to break him free.

The victim followed both suspects until the female suspect punched her in the face. Several bystanders helped her recover her phone and the suspects fled the scene on foot. The victim was transported to a hospital with non life-threatening injuries. 

Man Robbed At Gunpoint Near Ferry Building

A man, 43, was at Market and Steuart Streets on November 18th just after 9pm when two male suspects approached him from behind and brandished a handgun before demanding his property. One of the suspects took the victim's cell phone from his hand and then he eventually handed over his wallet containing cash. The two suspects then fled to a sedan and departed the scene. 

Cell Phone Snatched At Gunpoint In Chinatown

Just before 2am on November 20th on the 1000 block of Jackson Street, a man, 29, was walking when a suspect in his 20s approached from behind and pointed a gun at him.

The gunman then went through the victim's pockets and nabbed his cellphone before fleeing the scene on foot. 

Man Struck On Head With Cane

In Union Square at 2am on November 21st, a 41-year-old man was walking on the 200 block of Powell Street when an unknown man between 50 and 60 years of age struck him on the top of the head with a cane before walking away. The victim was injured, but refused medical treatment at the scene. 

Woman Robbed By Force On Union St. In North Beach

A woman, 44, was walking on the 400 block of Union Street in North Beach at 2:23am on November 21st when a man in his 20s cornered her at the gate of a residence before brandishing an unknown weapon.

He then pulled her to the ground and stole her purse, containing a wallet, cellphone and cash, before escaping in an awaiting sedan driven by a male suspect in his 30s. 

Victim Robbed Of Backpack While Waiting For Bus Near Ghirardelli Square

A man, 26, was waiting for the bus on Van Ness and Bay Streets on November 21st just before 11pm when three suspects in their 20s approached, pointed a gun at him and demanded his property. They were able to take his cell phone and backpack before fleeing the scene on foot in an unknown direction. 

Coit Tower Sightseer Robbed At Gunpoint

On November 22nd at 2:13am at Vista Point, nine men aged 18 to 26 approached another man, 31, before one of the suspects pulled out a handgun, discharged it, and then pointed it at the victim.

The other suspects then ruffled through the victim's pockets, stole two mobile phones and fled on foot. Later, police were able to take one of the suspects into custody. 

Woman Target Of Gunpoint Sidewalk Robbery In Nob Hill

At Jackson and Hyde Streets at 9:46pm on November 27th, a woman, 24, was walking when she was approached by two men in their late teens to early 20s who then brandished a gun and demanded her property. She handed over her cell phone, cash and laptop bag before both fled the scene. 

Taylor Street Altercation Ends In Assault, Theft

On November 27th at 2:11am on the 500 block of Taylor Street near Union Square, SFPD responded to a call of an assault.

A man, 55, was reportedly arguing with two men in their 20s when one of them tried to take his keys from his jacket pocket. One of the suspects then punched the victim in the face, rummaged through his pockets and took his wallet, cash and keys before both suspects fled southbound on Taylor Street. 

Suspects demand property from victim after brandishing gun

Another robbery at gunpoint occurred in Nob Hill at 11:22pm on the 1300 block of Jackson Street on November 28th. A man, 54 was walking when two men between the ages of 17-20 approached the victim and pulled out a gun. They demanded he hand over his property and he complied, giving them his cash. Both suspects then fled on foot. 

Man In FiDi Kicked To The Ground And Robbed

Just before 5pm on the 600 block of Clay Street on November 28th, three men between 18 and 20 approached another man, 48, and kicked him to the ground.

While he was down, the suspects took his wallet which contained his ID and debit and credit cards before fleeing on foot. The victim suffered minor injuries and was taken to a hospital in non-life threatening condition. 

Laptop Theft Averted Thanks To Bystanders In Union Square

A woman, 28, was walking across the street near Geary and Powell Streets on November 29th just before 6pm when a man in his 30s grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back.

The suspect then grabbed for her laptop, but the victim fell to the ground while still holding on. While the suspect eventually snatched the computer and ran away, several witnesses intervened, and the suspect dropped it. The victim, who recovered her property, was injured, though it's unclear whether she was transported for her injuries. 

Man, Woman Chased And Robbed By Armed Suspects On Russian Hill

A man and a woman, 24 and 27, were walking on the 1400 block of Pacific Avenue in Russian Hill when they passed three men between the ages of 20 and 30 and then "realized that the suspects started running at them."

Two of the suspects pulled out guns and ordered them to hand over their property. The victims handed over wallets, backpacks, cash and a cell phone. The suspects then fled to an awaiting vehicle and left the scene.

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