Mysterious Stink Returns Overnight [Updated]

Did you smell it—again?

For a second day in a row, San Francisco residents are reporting a sulfuric, rotten egg stench wafting through the city.

The Chronicle reports this morning that PG&E received 15 calls of stink between 11pm last night and 1am this morning. That's on top of the 54 calls the company received after 2am Wednesday.

Despite the calls, a PG&E representative told the Chron  that the smell “appears not related to PG&E facilities.”

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District, San Francisco Fire Department and a few other agencies are reportedly still following their noses.

Update 1:35pm: The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is investigating whether the source of the funky stench is the Chevron refinery across the bay in Richmond. Thanks to commenter Senor_Wences for the tip.

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Mysterious stink returns overnight