Driver Attempts Journey Through Muni's Sunset Tunnel, Yet Again

Tipster Rachel H. alerts us to the fact that a vehicle has once again attempted to drive through the Sunset Tunnel, which connects Duboce Triangle with Cole Valley and is reserved for Muni use. "Cops are on it," she wrote at 8:20pm.

Expect N-Judah delays as the situation is resolved. 

Though there are brightly lit signs at at either end of the tunnel warning people not to drive in, it's not an uncommon occurrence. Back in September, a driver, who was later arrested for driving under the influence, entered the tunnel from the Carl & Cole side, causing extensive delays for N-Judah riders. And last January, another driver seemed to make it almost all the way through the tunnel, entering on the Duboce side, before the car was mired in gravel near the Cole Valley side.

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Car attempts to drive through muni s sunset tunnel yet again