FiDi & North Beach Crime: Fisherman's Wharf Stabbing, Hate Crime Robbery, Attack With Pan, More

While the Central Station newsletter is on hiatus this week, we've continued to receive the latest crime reports in North Beach and the Financial District. Here's our bi-weekly roundup of the most notable incidents. 

Man stabbed near tourist spot

A man, 43, was stabbed on January 20th at 11:30pm, near the corner of Taylor and Beach streets in Fisherman's Wharf. Police report that an unknown suspect began punching and kicking the victim before eventually stabbing him with a knife. The victim was transported to a hospital in non-life threatening condition. 

Victim beaten after instigating fight

On January 21st just after midnight, a man, 39, slapped another man in his late 20s on the 400 block of Broadway in North Beach. The slapped man then punched the 39-year-old several times, causing him to fall to the ground, hit his head and briefly lose consciousness. The suspect then fled in an unknown direction, and the victim was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. 

Knife-wielding suspect swipes cell phone 

A man, 30, was walking on the 100 block of Walter U Lum Plaza in Chinatown just after midnight on January 21st when another man in his late 20s approached him, pointing to a knife in his waistband. The victim pushed the suspect away, but the suspect then brandished the knife and demanded his belongings. He took the victim's cell phone, then fled on foot.

Prowler nabs phone after victim tries to call police

A male worker, 67, was in the basement of his office building on the 100 block of New Montgomery Street around 5am on January 21st when he noticed another man in his 30s there as well. The victim asked the suspect to leave, and escorted him out of the building, taking out his phone from his pocket to call the police. The suspect then forcibly snatched his phone, and ran off with it. 

Hot prowl suspect arrested

On January 23rd at 1am, near the corner of Bush and Hyde streets in Nob Hill, a woman, 26, was walking into her apartment when a woman, 20, followed her into her building, making her way into the victim's unit. The victim called police, and when they arrived, they took the suspect into custody. 

Suspect hurls racial slurs, then robs woman at knifepoi

On January 25th at 11:40am, a 20-year-old Hispanic woman was walking on the 100 block of Broadway when she was approached by two women and a man in their 20s. One of the women then began making racial slurs towards the victim, then pulled out a knife, pointed it at the victim and demanded her cell phone. When she handed it over, cash also fell out of the the victim's pocket, and the suspect grabbed that as well. All three then fled the scene on foot. Police are treating this case as a hate crime. 

Woman hit with pan during argument

On January 27th, two women, 39 and 55, who had been arguing earlier in the day saw each other just after midnight on the 200 block of Bay Street in North Beach. The elder woman, who was accompanied by a 21-year-old man, then punched and struck the 39-year-old with a pan, injuring her. A 6-year-old girl was also pushed during the altercation as she tried to intervene. The two suspects then fled in an unknown direction. Both victims were taken to a hospital in non-life-threatening condition. 

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