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After Twitter Tiff With City, Confusion Over Panhandle Bike Path

Yesterday evening, a mother bicycling with her two children queried the city on alternate bike routes, after discovering a crosswalk in the Panhandle's multi-use path was closed at Masonic Avenue.

The crosswalk in question—pictured in Snider's original tweet—is the one that accommodates traffic from the Panhandle's multi-use path. As Snyder found, it hadn't been replaced with an advertised bicycle-kosher alternative.

Though it's often hotly contested, the northern Panhandle path is a city-approved, legal accommodation for bicyclists and pedestrians to share the road.

But instead of responding with a bicycle-approved alternative to the path, a representative from the city's 311 Twitter account commented incorrectly on the path's legal status:

Ben Jose, a representative of the SFMTA, confirmed this morning that the Panhandle multi-use path is, in fact, a legally shared bicycle and pedestrian zone.

But the 311 representative, apparently unaware of the exception, refused to back down.

The spat culminated with intervention from the SF Bicycle Coalition this morning.

Suffice it to say, 311 is under some pressure for this one.

The SFMTA's Jose said in a phone call this morning that they knew about the misinformation, and that "we're following up with 311 so they can address that."

Meanwhile, the crosswalk is back open for regular business.

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