'Baked In Cole Valley' Rallies Local Bakers, Sweet Tooths For A Cause

Among the host of things neighborhood residents are doing to raise funds and awareness for good causes this season is Baked In Cole Valley, a bake sale thrown by two Cole Valley families this Sunday afternoon at Carl and Cole streets to benefit local chapters of the American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood.

Two local mothers, Mai Brehaut and Nina Kawaichi, are behind the effort, which they said was born last fall out of a fog of what Brehaut called "post-election doldrums." Brehaut and Kawaichi are neighbors in Cole Valley who met taking their children to the Panhandle Playground.

"This was a creative and empowering outlet as well as a way to feel connected with my community," Brehaut said.

They chose local chapters of the ACLU and Planned Parenthood because it "was important not only for us but for our Cole Valley neighbors to make a direct contribution and impact to the local community."

But more than that, "It really has rekindled and created new relationships with the folks who live in our neighborhood," Brehaut said. " ... We're also hoping to share and empower other neighborhoods who are interested in organizing their own bakes sales to support causes... . So we hope this will live on as a neighborhood and citywide community builder."

Kawaichi, who came up with the idea, said she was inspired by one of her favorite bloggers; and while the idea initially was to hold the bake sale immediately after the inauguration, family needs over the holiday season made Valentine's weekend a better target.

So far, 13 local bakers will be contributing their wares, from lemon bars to giant chocolate chip cookies to granola, cupcakes and more. Goods will be available from noon–3pm Sunday, February 12th, at Carl and Cole streets.

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Baked in cole valley rallies local bakers sweet tooths for a cause