Fallen Tree Knocks Out Power In The Castro

Roughly 450 Castro residents and businesses are currently without power, thanks to an outage that began at 2pm this afternoon. According to someone on Nextdoor, the outage was caused by a tree that fell at 16th & Church during the storm, presumably taking a power line with it. 

Although PG&E has yet to resolve the outage, the utility company's website reports that it is investigating the issue.

Last year, a similar outage affected the 2200 block of Market Street, leaving locals without power for more than a day.

While PG&E is working to fix this problem, here are a couple of photos and videos we've received from our readers: 

Photo: Hoodline

Tipster Daniel L. sent in the photo above and said, "No power at the 16th / Market / Noe intersection - no traffic lights."

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