Spotted: Serena Williams Challenges Dolores Park Tennis Players To Late-Night Match

As SF Gate reports, tennis super star Serena Williams surprised two men playing tennis at Dolores Park last night with an impromptu match.

Williams was on a late-night walk with her fiancée, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, who filmed the whole scene. The video was later posted on Williams' Snapchat account.

"Just having a stroll at night, and I'm thinking about asking these guys," she said while standing in front of the park's tennis courts, before walking in with her dog and fiancée.

"Is this for real?" one of the amateur tennis players in the court then exclaimed.

At first, Williams didn't seem certain whether the men would recognize her. But that changed quickly. "I think I've heard them saying my name already," she quickly noted.

Because Williams didn't warm up, or wear proper footwear, "Don't do this at home," she suggested.

"The moral of the story is, you never know if I'm coming to a tennis court near you," Williams added on Snapchat.

So, who won the match?

"You already know," Ohanian confirmed on Facebook. "Those two guys played well, though."

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Spotted serena williams challenges dolores park tennis players to late night match