'This President Is Crazy': Sunset Resident Installs Giant 'No Ban, No Wall' Sign

Ruben Flores, a Mexican-born San Francisco resident of nine years, decided he had enough of Donald Trump after the president halted entry to the U.S. for citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries.

So Flores climbed down a ladder at the edge of his backyard and painted on a foundation wall to his home: “NO BAN, NO WALL,” referring to the travel ban and the wall Trump proposed between Mexico and the U.S.

A Spanish teacher at Woodside International School, Flores has lived for seven years in his Inner Sunset home with his wife, son and daughter.

Flores with his daughter, Maya, in front of the sign.

“I have a friend who is Islamic-American, and I just felt I had to do something,” Flores said. “This president is crazy.”

The sign, located on a hill overlooking 15th Avenue Steps Park, can be seen from several blocks away. The city has not yet contacted Flores about what he wrote, but he said he expects officials to be in touch over graffiti concerns.

The other day, he ran into a neighbor at the new Safeway on Irving Street who'd spotted the sign. “She loved it," Flores said. "Everyone loves it."

It’s not the only anti-Trump protest to pop up on a San Francisco house. A tipster also spotted one near 19th and Sanchez streets.

Thanks to tipster Matt B. for the tip. Have you seen any house-sized resistance signs around town? Let us know in the comments or text photos to Hoodline at (415) 200-3233.

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