Crissy Field Promenade To Undergo 5 Months Of Construction

Starting this month, expect to see some much needed work being done on the popular Crissy Field Promenade in the Marina, which serves as the major east-west multi-use trail traversing the 100-acre field.

Since it opened in 2001, the promenade has been traversed by more than 1.2 million visitors annually, for a total of around 18 million. As a result, it's badly in need of repair, a process that will unfold over the next five months.

The promenade is the primary connector between East Beach, Crissy Marsh, Crissy Airfield, and West Bluff, and is a popular spot for strolling, biking, and running. But foot (and wheel, and paw) traffic, coupled with harsh weather, have caused its surface to degrade considerably over time, with bumps and puddles due to poor drainage.

In an effort to renew the promenade and increase its lifespan by another 10–15 years, the National Park Service Centennial Challenge Project, the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, and other organizations have chipped in a total of $5 million to fix the original granite surface, which has "reached the end of its useful life," according to the National Park Service's FAQ page. It will be replaced with a more durable compacted shale material. 

The NPS took public feedback into account when scheduling the construction, which will take place in four segments, starting on the eastern portion of the promenade and ending further west. Construction will be underway on weekdays from 7am-6pm, unless posted otherwise.

Here's how it will unfold:

Phases A and B (March–May): Areas of the East Beach parking lot will be closed, and trail re-surfacing on the promenade's eastern end will be split between March-April and April-May. There will be a brief closure of the Warming Hut as well. 

Phase C (May–June): active construction and re-surfacing further west on the promenade.

Phase D (June–July): final touches, furthest west.

The beaches, marsh, airfield, and nearby Presidio destinations will remain open during the repairs, which are forecasted to be completed this summer. 

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Crissy field promenade to undergo 5 months of construction