FiDi & North Beach Crime Roundup: Man Reportedly Killed, Carjacking, Hot Prowls, Armed Robbery, More

We're getting reports that a man was shot and killed in the early hours of this morning, although we haven't been able to get official confirmation. From tipster Geoffrey B.:

Early this morning at 1:30 am, a young man was shot in the face at close range three times and died on the scene, in the middle of [Green Street near Jasper Place] in North Beach. Two locals were there to comfort the victim in his last minutes before he passed. The shooter ran away on foot heading up Green St. and is still at large. It sounded like four fire crackers going off and then the young man fell to the ground as the shooter sprinted up Green St. Now at 8 am this morning is all that is left are four chalk circles marking where the shell casings fell.

We're working on finding more details. In the meantime, here's an overview of some of the incidents reported since our last roundup. 

This week's Central Station Newsletter is on hiatus as Commander Lazar has left his role as Captain and assumed a new role at headquarters in Mission Bay. However, yesterday SFPD Chief William Scott announced his replacement, Paul Yep, former Captain at the Richmond Station. 

Public Information Officer Sgt. Michael Andraychak wrote in a statement, "These transfers are part of Chief Scott’s organizational plan to place members into positions that enhance organizational effectiveness giving the Department the best opportunity to implement reforms, service the needs of our communities and build the skills of talented police managers." 

Welcome Captain Yep to the neighborhood!

Now, on to our bi-weekly crime roundup, culled from daily SFPD recaps. 

Man struck by unknown suspect, robbed 

A robbery occurred on March 9th at 10:20pm near the corner of Kearny and Commercial Streets in the FiDi when a man, 45, was struck by an unknown victim injuring him in the process. The suspect stole his wallet and phone and reportedly fled the scene without the victim being able to identify the suspect. He was transported to a hospital suffering from non-life threatening injuries. 

Victim robbed at gunpoint 

On March 9th at 2:30am on the 100 block of Sansome Street in the FiDi, a man, 27, was robbed at gunpoint by two male suspects in their 20s. The victim was walking when one of the suspects approached him and pointed a gun at him. The second suspect then grabbed the victim's cellphone and backpack containing a tablet and cash. The suspects fled westbound on Sutter Street with the loot. 

Woman comes home to find hot prowl burglar 

In Nob Hill on the 1000 block of Hyde Street on March 7th just before 2pm, a hot prowl burglary occurred. A woman, 30, returned to her apartment and found the suspect, a man in his 20s insider her home. The suspect then took her laptop, tablet and wallet and fled the scene on foot. 

Woman attacked and robbed outside of party

On March 5th at 6am on the 600 block of Jackson Street in the FiDi, a woman, 48, was standing outside of a party when a man in his 20s approached her and punched her. The suspect threatened her and then nabbed her cellphone, laptop, wallet and then ran to an awaiting car with two other unknown men and fled. 

Hot prowler caught sitting on victim's couch

A woman, 67, came home on March 5th at 11am on the 400 block of Vallejo in North Beach and noticed that the screen from a window was on the floor. When she entered, she found a man, 46, sitting on her couch. When she asked what the suspect was doing in her home, he got up and left. SFPD were able to take the suspect into custody soon after near the incident. 

Couple carjacked while attempting to enter vehicle

A woman, 20, and a man, 33, were walking back to their car near the corner of Stockton and Bay Streets in North Beach on March 4th just before 11pm when two unknown men approached them. One of the suspects brandished a gun and told them to give them everything that they had. After they snatched their belongings including a wallet, keys, and a cellphone, they highjacked the car and fled the scene. 

Victim robbed of duffle bag at gun point 

Near the corner of Powell and Francisco Streets in North Beach at 1:14am a man, 35, was robbed as he was walking along Powell. A man in his 20s got out of his parked car, approached the victim and pulled out a handgun. The suspect demanded his property and the victim complied. The suspect then got into the passenger side of the vehicle and absconded with the the victim's duffle bag. 

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