Spotted: Dirt Bikers Ride Stairs Between Alchemy By Alta Apartments

Hoodline tipster James K. reports that dirt bikers are now using the public staircase at the Alchemy by Alta apartment complex for weekend joyrides.

"Large groups of BMX bikers frequently stop at [the] Alchemy apartment building and ride up the stairs past and around people using the stairs," he said.

The stairs, between Buchanan and Laguna streets, are part of Waller Park, a public open space through Waller Street. According to the architect's website, the park is supposed to provide a shared space for Alchemy residents and community members.

In addition to causing noise disturbances, James K. noted potential safety hazards for pedestrians. "It happened again today, and they blew by a father and his son on the stairs. They do this every weekend now, it seems."

James K. added that he has called the police, but the bikers usually leave the area within two or three minutes. However, they tend to return multiple times throughout the evening.

Groups of dirt bikers breaking traffic laws have been spotted in other parts of the city. Last December, the Castro's rainbow crosswalks were reportedly damaged by a group of dirt bikers doing "donuts" in the intersection. The crosswalks had to be power-washed to remove the tire tracks. And in 2015, dirt bike riders were caught on video taking over Haight Street with their stunts.

Last December, KPIX learned that the leader of one dirt bike gang that's published videos of members tearing through San Francisco streets was an acting Marin County Sheriff’s deputy. Two weeks later, the department confirmed that the deputy was no longer employed.

Dirt bikers at Laguna and Waller streets.

We've contacted representatives of Alchemy by Alta regarding their plans to address the issue but have not received a response. We've also asked the SFPD whether the department has received similar reports and are awaiting confirmation.

Update, 3/3: The SFPD is aware of the issue and seeking photographic evidence. Read our full follow-up story here.

Have you seen dirt bikers joyriding up and down Alchemy by Alta's staircase? Let us know in the comments or text photos to Hoodline at (415) 200-3233. You can also email videos to tips AT hoodline DOT com.

Thanks to tipster James K. 

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Spotted dirt bikers ride stairs between alchemy by alta apartments