RIP: Uulu, Beloved Polar Bear At The San Francisco Zoo

A beloved polar bear at the San Francisco Zoo died Friday, zoo officials said.

Uulu was 36 years old. She was one of the oldest polar bears in any zoo that's part of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, which promotes the welfare of animals, conservation and science.

Uulu experienced a rapid decline in her health recently because she had congestive heart failure and because she was old.

"We are all tremendously saddened by the passing of our polar bear," Tanya Peterson, president of San Francisco Zoo & Gardens, said in a statement.

"Uulu was well-known by many zoo guests, and she will be missed by all who connected with and cared for her over the years."

Uulu was rescued and brought to the zoo when she was three years old, according to zoo officials.

She came from Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, where she, her siblings and mom were "problem" bears. They were caught more than once foraging at the dump and even tried to get into a home.

Uulu had a curious nature and was often seen digging in the dirt, which made her white fur brown, zoo officials said. Her favorite foods included romaine lettuce and chicken.

Zoo officials encourage people to learn more about polar bears and what they can do to protect the species through Polar Bears International. Guests this week are invited to visit the zoo's polar bear exhibit and share their sentiments and favorite memories of Uulu.

Keith Burbank

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Rip uulu beloved polar bear at the san francisco zoo