To Support Local Nonprofit, Actor Matthew Jain Makes Cabaret Debut At Martuni's

San Francisco actor Matthew Jain has been landing serious film and TV roles of late—including seven guest spots as a paramedic on General Hospital and a role as an EMT on the new Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

But even as his sights turn towards Hollywood, he's keeping his feet firmly planted in San Francisco, making his cabaret debut at Martuni's this Sunday night. 

"I moved to San Francisco because it draws so many creative people and thinkers," said Jain, who resides in the Mission. "I love the diversity here. I love that San Francisco focuses on social justice."

That mission of social justice is part of this weekend's show, which will benefit Because Justice Matters, a Tenderloin based advocacy and support non-profit for women and girls who have faced homelessnesss, poverty, and/or sexual exploitation. 

"I've been very inspired by some of our friends doing their shows at Martuni's, and I wanted to do a show of my own that involved doing some good for the San Francisco community," Jain said. "So I created this cabaret act to raise money for Because Justice Matters, because they have a beautiful mission." 

Jain, who grew up in Lompoc, CA, has showbiz roots: his great-grandfather, Joe Howard, was a prominent vaudeville performer who wrote the famous songs "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now" and "Hello Ma Baby."

He's patterning Sunday's show after his great-grandfather's Gay 90s Revue, which aired on ABC from 1948-49. "He inspired me to do a variety show," Jain said. "We'll be offering current Broadway songs, stand-up comedy, and bluegrass music." 

While Jain is straight, he's a staunch advocate of LGBT equality, and has many friends in the community. One of his pals, stand-up comic Jonathan Grebe, will be joining him for the show, as will Jain's uncle, bluegrass musician Wally Barnick. 

Martuni's is "my Cheers," he said. "I'm so excited that my first show will be there."

Ultimately, however, he hopes that his performance will promote Because Justice Matters' mission.

"It inspired me to see that somebody was there for these women and kids," he said. "I wanted to integrate my love for the arts and get the message out that this organization exists, and that we can help."

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To support local nonprofit actor matthew jain makes cabaret debut at martuni s