Haight St. Resident Contests Hayes Valley's 188 Octavia Blvd. Mixed-Use Development

Slated to break ground later this year, a five-story, 27-unit mixed-use  development heading to 188 Octavia Blvd. (near Page) in Hayes Valley has now been contested through a discretionary review (DR) application, SocketSite reports.

The development, which is on a former Central freeway parcel, would include 12 studios, four one-bedrooms and 11 two-bedrooms, ranging from 395 to 962 square feet. Four of the units will be offered at below market rates.

By filing a DR application, a Haight Street resident is asking SF Planning to "exercise control over a project that meets the zoning standards" applicable to the site.

The planned development project at 188 Octavia Blvd.

However, Planning will only do so "where exceptional or extraordinary circumstances exist." The application form notes that "the burden of showing why a project that meets minimum standards should be denied or modified rests with the DR applicant."

In the application, which was filed on May 4th, the resident writes:

Constructing 24 apartments that will rent for at least $6000 a month on city owned property is an egregious violation of Section 101.1 (b) housing policy priorities. Project utterly fails to comply with San Francisco Planning Code's unequivocal mandate that affordable housing be preserved and enhanced; and that housing and neighborhood character be conserved and protected in order to preserve the cultural and economic of our neighborhoods.

The resident also mentions that the project is taller and denser than surrounding residential properties, which he says will lead to a loss of sunlight, open space, vistas, and parking spaces. He also wants the developers to decrease the anticipated rental rate for each apartment to $1200 a month. 

Additionally, he wants to decrease density for the development to eight units, instead of the planned 27, and to change the use of the property to an arts organization or a nonprofit.

Locations of the former Central Freeway parcels in Hayes Valley.

The resident had also contacted Planning and the developer, DDG and DM Development, with his concerns prior to filing the DR application.

"[The developer] claims that decreasing density and/or reducing the anticipated rental rates would render the project unfeasible," the resident wrote of DDG's response.

"The impact of gentrification upon Hayes Valley is disproportionate and unfair," he concluded.

Planning is currently reviewing the application.

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Haight st resident contests hayes valley s 188 octavia blvd mixed use development