San Francisco

SF Ranked Third-Best City For Millennials

Last week, the New York Times released a list of the country’s 100 best cities for millennials; according to the ranking, San Francisco came in third.

To compile the list, Niche, a website that uses public data and individual reviews to rate places, analyzed 228 different cities with populations above 100,000.

Berkeley and Sunnyvale were eighth and ninth, giving the Bay Area three of the top ten cities for millennials to live. (Los Angeles landed at number 97.)

Several factors went into the scoring, including the number of restaurants and bars, percentage of population aged 25 to 34, the number and proximity of coffee shops, average education levels and the cost of living and employment statistics.

Earlier this year, a report came out saying 31 percent of San Francisco millennials still live with their parents, and another report claimed that millennials are more likely to be employed but less likely to own a home in the city compared to other places.

As a demographic cohort, people born between 1982 and 2004 make up a quarter of the US population.

Although the Bay Area is one of the most attractive destinations for millennials, a study released last month by moving company Mayflower revealed that 41 percent of the group are "vacation movers" who "have moved to a new city without intending to settle down there permanently,” SFGate reported.

According to Niche, the worst cities for millennials are San Antonio, TX, Greensboro, NC and Baton Rouge, LA.


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