Firefighting Water System Construction To Wrap Up This Summer

If you've spent any time in the Richmond or Portola this spring, chances are you've stumbled across at least one of multiple construction projects in progress, most notably at California St. and 6th Ave., Cabrillo St. and 5th Ave., and Lake St. at 30th Ave.

These projects are all part of the Public Utilities Commission's Emergency Firefighting Water System projects, and they join a host of other Richmond and Sunset infrastructure projects currently in the works.

We checked in with PUC's Steve Kech to see where things stand. The four cisterns currently being installed in the Richmond and Portola Place are the last ones slated for the emergency system network.

California St. & 6th Ave.

"The cement walls have been poured," Kech said. "The contractor is currently installing rebar for the roof deck, which will be followed by creating two manholes for the tank and the pouring of the concrete for the deck. Estimated completion date: end of August 2017."

Cabrillo St. & 5th Ave.

"The water department is currently connecting the lines to the cistern. Following that will be the filling and testing. Estimated Completion date: mid-July 2017."

Lake St. & 30th Ave.

"The cistern has been filled with water and is currently undergoing leak testing," Kech said. "30th Avenue has been reopened to traffic. Estimated completion date: end of June 2017."

Williams Ave. & Apollo St.

"The deck has been poured for the roof of the cistern. Estimated completion date: end of July 2017."

Kech said other water-related projects in the western neighborhoods include the recycled water pipeline that's currently being run through the Sunset and Richmond. This is currently only impacting Clement at 16th Ave. and Lake at 14th Ave., but the project contractor is expected to wrap up work there in the next four to six weeks.

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Firefighting water system construction to wrap up this summer