Upper Haight Crime: Attempted Carjacking, Grocery Robbery, Missing Person Found

It's time again for your Upper Haight crime recap, with this month's edition bringing the news that the SFPD's Park Station has declared the installation of a permanent foot patrol at Haight and Stanyan a success.

Patrols and crackdowns

Residents have also likely seen an uptick in foot patrols up and down the street over the last couple of weeks. Despite a staffing crunch, Park Station said that they're committing more uniformed officers to the Upper Haight corridor.

Last week's Park Station newsletter announced an increase patrol presence around Twin Peaks, which has seen an above average number of car break-ins. The patrol yielded the capture of at least one couple who drove through parking lots and hit parked cars for bags and electronics.

Park Station has also announced a renewed focus on policing encampments in Buena Vista Park.

Man attempts carjacking with a knife

On June 6th, at 7:41am, multiple Park Station officers responded to an attempted carjacking on the 100 block of Blake Street. 

A man was in the driver's seat of his parked car on the south side of Geary Boulevard, facing east. As he closed the car door behind him, the suspect came up to the driver's side of the vehicle with a knife in his hand. The suspect tried to pull the door handle, which was unlocked, and managed to slightly open the driver's door.

However, the victim quickly closed the door and locked the car, which upset the suspect. He went to another car parked in front of the car with the driver and then tried to stab the tires. 

The drive of the car called 911. When SFPD arrived, the suspect was arrested and charged with attempted carjacking, brandishing of a knife, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Shoplifters turns robbers

On Friday, June 9th, officers responded to an early morning robbery of a grocery store at the 700 block of 14th St at 2am. While the grocery store was not named, the area includes George's Market

The store owner told officers that two unknown suspects had entered the store while he was working at the front counter. The suspects grabbed several items and tried to leave. The owner was able to block and prevent the second suspect from leaving, but the first suspect headed to a car parked outside. 

A third suspect got out of the car and approached the owner, who was trying to keep the second suspect from leaving. The third suspect unsuccessfully tried to grab the owner and pull him out of the store. However, in the midst of this, the second suspect, who was still being blocked by the store owner, punched the owner.

Both the second and third suspects then ran off into the car. Once all three were inside, they fled the scene. 

When first responders arrived, they assessed the owner's injuries. He decided not to go to the hospital for further treatment.

Garden arson

On May 28th on the 1400 block of Page, police and fire crews found a burning bush that had been pulled from a streetside planter and lit on fire. Arson investigators currently have the incident under review.

Aborted car theft, meth bust

On May 26th, officers investigating an apparently unoccupied car with the engine running on the 200 block of Ashbury St found a man hiding in the back seat with two screwdrivers, a glass pipe and a bag of methamphetamine in his pockets. The car was stolen. He was cited at Park Station and released.

Missing person reported found

In a routine citation of someone for sleeping in Golden Gate Park at night on May 11, SFPD officers found a young woman whose family had reported her as missing. She was healthy and fit, and released after a brief mental health evaluation.

Mental health detentions

A review of Park Station-reported incidents in the neighborhood seems to indicate an uptick in documented mental health incidents and detentions, with over a dozen instances of substance and disorder-related hallucinations, paranoia and erratic behavior. The incidents by and large have been nonviolent with no resulting injuries.

Park station community meeting

To give voice to your concerns and hear what Park Station officers have to say, head over to the community meeting next Tuesday at 6pm.

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