North Beach Artist Jeremy Fish Designs Cannabis Vape Pen

North Beach resident and artist Jeremy Fish has teamed up with medical marijuana company AbsoluteXtracts to design and produce a new cannabis vaporizer pen called The Fish Tank.

The product includes a gold-colored battery with Fish’s artwork, a cartridge filled with clear cannabis oil flavored by the artist, and a collectable pouch. 

The Fish Tank Vape Pen. | Photo: Colin Day

The product was launched at a preview party at Monroe lounge in North Beach, Fish's neighborhood.

An avid medical marijuana user, Fish told Hoodline that he’s been a strong advocate for legalizing cannabis since the 90s.

“When I was in college I worked for Dennis Peron and collected signatures to put it on the ballot," he said.

A July 10 preview event for Fish's vape pen. | Photo: Meaghan M. Mitchell

As the resident artist for Vapor Room, the delivery service that once operated a Haight Street dispensary, Fish said many cannabis brands approached him over the years, but he never found one that was the right fit.

After suffering a brain aneurism in 2014 and undergoing several surgeries, Fish quit smoking marijuana entirely. “As I continued to work on my health, I realized I had to transition my use of marijuana in a more responsible way," he said.

Through a mutual friend, Fish was introduced to representatives of AbsoluteXtracts. After some discussion, he agreed to collaborate with the company on a custom vape pen that contains 90% THC, which Fish said is “the highest percentage in the nation.”

Jeremy Fish talks about the new vape pen that bears his name. | YouTube

“It was most important to me that the collaboration was top-shelf on every level," he told us at his preview event. “Not just with some artwork and fancy packaging, but that the medicine and the delivery system were the absolute best available on the market."

As of this week, a limited set of 500 Fish Tanks are now available at seven dispensaries and delivery services in San Francisco. For information on AbsoluteXtracts, visit its website.

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