Wayward Truck Gets Really Stuck On Northeast Bernal Streets

Stuck trucks are a Bernal Heights tradition.

This is because to look at Bernal Heights on a map is to see a tempting variety of shortcuts which give no indication that its hilly topography and narrow, winding streets are way too tight for many big vehicles to traverse.

The advent of digital navigation tools like Google Maps and Waze may have actually helped reduce the frequency of the problem by actively routing drivers away from streets where calamity and shame are likely to ensue.

But last night, a FedEx tractor-trailer driver learned the hard way that the streets of northeast Bernal Heights are best avoided in a big rig.

Neighbor Ryan was on the scene:

Fedex truck jammed into theĀ sharp corner at Peralta and Florida, been stuck for well over an hour, blocking the street.

The truck remained for a few more hours until after dark, when a recovery crew arrived to extract the hapless truck and its humiliated driver from the intersection.

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Wayward truck gets really stuck on northeast bernal streets