Local/Federal Law Enforcement Operation Sought Suspects In SoMa [Updated]

Shortly after 11:15am, an SFPD truck carrying several police officers wearing tactical gear was spotted in SoMa near the intersection of Folsom and Hallam streets.

A video captured by Twitter user R27D shows a contingent of officers riding down Folsom Street; in subsequent photos, officers are seen at points along Brush Place, a cul de sec that branches off of Hallam, south of Folsom.

We've reached out to SFPD's Media Relations Unit for details, but have not received a response and will update the story as more information is available.

[Update: 5:10pm] ABC7 is reporting that our tipster witnessed local and federal law enforcement officers who were taking part in an operation around the Bay Area that netted "guns, drugs and stolen cars."

A team from ABC7 was at a housing complex in the Sunnyside district where police served 17 warrants. In all, police and federal agents executed more than 30 search warrants and had more than 100 arrest warrants when today's operation began.

The targets of today's coordinated effort, which was led by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, were "really bad dudes," a source told ABC7.

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Sfpd tactical officers spotted in soma