BART Seeks Public's Help In Threatening Note Robbery Incident

An Oakland resident thwarted a mugging by faking a seizure.

32-year-old Julie Dragland was on a Dublin-bound train on Sunday afternoon when she was handed a threatening note at Civic Center station. 

The note told Dragland that there were two guns pointed at her and to hand her wallet and phone to the person behind her, without turning around. 

"Do not turn around until after you have left Civic Center," it warned her, "[and] you will live." 

Photo via ABC7

"I was pretty scared," she told ABC7, "probably the most scared I've ever been." 

She mouthed help to another passenger. He pointed to his phone and got off at Civic Station, possibly to call police, but Dragland realized that he was once off, she was on her own. 

Dragland said that she then decided to fake a seizure to that she could draw attention from fellow passengers. According to BART, at least two passengers came over to check up on her, preventing the mugging. 

The suspect—described as a Caucasian woman, possibly in her 30s with long strawberry blonde hair and a suitcase—got off at Powell Street station. 

Photo via BART Police Department

Surveillance video from BART indicates that the suspect was operating alone and seen reaching over the victim's shoulder, possibly to drop the note. 

It is not clear if the suspect was in fact armed, and the video did not indicate any weapons. BART police searched Civic Center station, but did not locate the suspect.

Dragland does not intend to press charges in the incident. 

BART police investigators are continuing to process video both from inside the train and Powell Street Station. Anyone with information on the suspect should call BART police at 510-464-7040. 

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Bart seeks public s help in threatening note robbery incident