Noe Valley: A Quaint Village In The Heart of San Francisco [Sponsored]

Wander down to 24th Street in Noe Valley on any given Saturday, and you'll find this tight-knit community at its best: neighbors of all ages sampling fresh produce, handmade treats and live music at the farmer's market, restaurant patios buzzing with cheerful diners, and boutiques overflowing with treasure-seekers.

Located near the center of the city, bounded by Twin Peaks, the Castro, Glen Park and the Mission—and shielded by hills on three sides—Noe Valley has a generally sunny disposition and a family-oriented feel.

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Long before colorful row houses lined its streets and strollers frequented its sidewalks, vegetable farms and cattle ranches were the norm.

After the Spanish established Mission Dolores, the land was granted to José de Jesús Noé—one of the last Mexican alcaldes (mayors) of Yerba Buena. With one-sixth of present-day San Francisco, he established Rancho San Miguel, which included the present-day Noe Valley, Castro, Glen Park, Diamond Heights and West Portal neighborhoods.

Modern-day Noe Valley began to take shape after 1854, when Noe sold a portion of the property to John Meirs Horner, a Mormon immigrant from New Jersey who laid and named the street grid for a residential neighborhood.

Over the following decades, a flood of European immigrants helped build a working-class neighborhood.

Thanks to its warm climate, classic Victorian and Edwardian architecture, central business district, and access to downtown via public transportation and accommodations for private vehicles, Noe Valley has continually grown in popularity among families and singles seeking a peaceful existence with all the amenities of city life.

Chloe's Café at Church & 26th streets.

The neighborhood's main shopping district extends for five blocks along 24th Street, from Church to Douglass and satisfies nearly every need and craving: fine dining, a supermarket, high-quality takeout, wine shops, artisanal treats, used books, fresh flowers and locally-designed apparel to name a few.

Steep side streets offer even more amenities, like Douglass Playground and Upper Douglass Dog Park, second homes for energetic children and pups; a well-stocked public library branch, and a slew of fitness studios.

And then there's the views. Standing atop Dolores Street, it's hard to ignore the city's striking skyline. Or, hike the opposite direction toward Twin Peaks for panoramic views of the neighborhoods below and greater Bay Area.

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