Tenderloin Crime: Strongarm Assaults, Teen Robbers, Skateboard Attack, More

Here's a recap of notable crimes committed in the Tenderloin in the two weeks since our last report. Unless otherwise noted, all details come from SFPD daily summaries. 

Man punched and robbed on Market St.

A man said to be in his twenties approached a 47-year-old man from behind around 10:40pm on October 12th along the 900 block of Market Street (near 5th).

The younger man punched the victim, stole his wallet, and fled on foot. No arrest was made in the case. 

Woman attacked from behind with blade

A 28-year-old woman was walking near the intersection of Eddy and Mason streets around 3:00pm on October 9th when another woman attacked her from behind with a knife or box cutter.

The victim ran into a business until police arrived and was taken to a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. The suspect was not arrested.

Man robbed, punched midday

Around 11:55am on October 8th, a 62-year-old man walking near the intersection of 6th and Howard streets was approached by a man said to be in his twenties.

The younger man stole the victim’s cell phone, before striking him and fleeing on foot. No arrest was made.

Man robbed, punched in early morning

Two men said to be in their early thirties approached a 53-year-old man near the intersection of Jones and Geary streets around 2:00am on October 8th.

The two younger men punched the victim, then stole his phone and wallet before fleeing the scene.

Teens attack teen on Muni

A 17-year-old male was riding the bus around 5:22pm on October 7th when two other males said to be 16-17 years old began yelling at him.

The victim tried to exit the bus near 11th and Market streets, but the suspects knocked him and down and injured him. No arrest was made in the case..

Four teens rob man on Market St.

Around 12:40pm on October 5th, four males said to be 15 years old walked up behind a 20-year old man on the 1200 block of Market Street (near Hyde) and knocked the older male to the ground.

The suspects, who have not been identified, stole the victim’s wallet.

Woman attacked with skateboard

A 26-year-old woman was walking near the intersection of O’Farrell and Hyde streets around 3:30am on October 5th when two men said to be 20 years old approached her on skateboards.

One of the men struck the woman with his skateboard. As the victim tried to fight off her attackers, her phone fell out of her pocket and was stolen. The victim was transported to a hospital, where she was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. 

Man robbed while counting money

Around 10:19pm on October 1st, a 61-year-old man walking near the intersection of Turk and Hyde streets pulled out his wallet to check on his money.

Three men said to be in their thirties punched the victim, stole his wallet, and fled on foot. No arrests have been made.

Teen mob steals teen’s phone

A 14-year-old female was walking near the intersection of Turk and Mason around 1:15pm on September 30th when a group of five or six females aged 15 or 16 and a male aged 15 or 16 approached her.

One of the female suspects grabbed the victim’s phone out of her hand. When the victim tried to retrieve it, the male suspect pushed her and the suspects all fled in different directions. 

Man robbed at knifepoint by cyclists

A 22-year-old man was walking near the intersection of Olive and Larkin streets at 4:00pm on September 29th when a man said to be 18 to 25 years old stopped him and asked some questions.

Two other males of the same age range then surrounded the suspect, while the first man pulled a knife and demanded that the victim hand over his property. The victim surrendered his wallet. The first suspect removed his credit cards, drivers license, and money and dropped the wallet on the ground before the three suspects fled the scene on bicycles. 

Police return medication, money to robbery victim

A 35-year-old man walking along the 200 block of Leavenworth (near Turk) around 6:40am on September 29th was approached by two men, said to be twenty and fifty years old, who demanded his bag.

The victim dropped his bag, which contained prescription medication and money, and the suspects absconded. Police later recovered the bag and its contents before returning them to the victim. 

New captain for Tenderloin Station

The department yesterday announced that Tenderloin Station has a new captain, Carl Fabbri, who has served the neighborhood as acting captain in the past. 

Tenderloin Station also announced there will be no community meeting in October, but the neighborhood is invited to Coffee with a Cop at RS94109 on October 25th.

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Tenderloin crime strongarm assaults teen robbers skateboard attack more