Tenderloin Crime: Halloween Stabbing, Teen Mob Attacks 2 Women, More

Here's a recap of notable crimes committed in the Tenderloin since our last report. Unless otherwise noted, all details are drawn from SFPD daily summaries. 

Man injured with unknown weapon

A 29-year-old man was walking on the sidewalk near the intersection of Turk and Taylor streets around 1:20pm on November 1st, when an unknown suspect attacked him from behind with an unidentified weapon.

The victim was treated at the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. 

Halloween argument leads to stabbing

Around 9:10pm on Halloween, a 43-year-old man got into an argument with a 40-year-old man on the 800 block of Larkin Street (near O’Farrell).

A 25-year-old man snuck around the older man and stabbed him in the leg with a knife. The victim was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. 

Man threatened with hammer for chasing pickpocket

A 58-year-old man had his cellphone stolen from his pocket by a man said to be in his twenties around 3:28pm on October 31st near on the 600 block of Larkin Street.

The victim chased the robber until another man, also said to be in his twenties, pulled out a hammer and acted as if he were going to hit the victim. The man stopped chasing the robber, both suspects fled, and no arrest has been made. 

Arrest made after attempted robbery at knifepoint

Around 12:38am on October 30th, two men in their late twenties were near the intersection of Larkin and O’Farrell streets when another man approached them and grabbed for one of the victim’s property.

A struggle ensued, and the second victim recovered his property from the suspect. The suspect brandished a knife and followed the victims as they tried to walk away. One of the victims called 911 and the suspect was apprehended. 

Hoard of teens attack, rob women

A 19-year-old woman got into a verbal argument with another female on the 1200 block of Market (at Hyde) around 11:30pm on October 29th.

A group of 15-20 male and female suspects punched and kicked the woman and another 20-year-old woman multiple times before stealing their property, resulting in their hospitalizations.

Here's our full report of the incident.

Argument escalates to milk crate attack

A 52-year-old man and a 27-year-old man started fighting near the intersection of 5th and Market streets around 10:30pm on October 29th.

The younger man hit the victim with a milk crate and pushed him. Officers located the suspect and arrested him.

Punch-and-rob on Market Street 

Around 9:00pm on October 29th, a 20-year-old man was approached by another man said to be in his twenties on the 900 block of Market Street (near Cyril Magnin).

The suspect punched the victim in the face several times, took his phone and money, fled eastbound on Market Street, and has not been identified. 

Man attacked after following smokers

On October 29th around 10:26am, a 30-year-old man on the 400 block of Jones Street (at Ellis) asked three people, two males and one female, to leave the building’s hallway because they were smoking.

The man followed the trio, who became upset, assaulted him and stole his cell phone. No arrests have been made. 

Arrest made after metal pipe attack

A 56-year-old man was walking near 300 Ellis St. at 6:20am on October 27th when a he heard a 41-year-old man walk up behind him. The younger man hit the victim multiple times with a metal pipe.

The victim was able to run away from the suspect and was treated for non-life threatening injuries. The suspect has been arrested. 

Woman robbed of phone in Mint Plaza

Around 2:04pm on October 26th, a 27-year-old woman was talking on her cell phone in Mint Plaza when she felt a tug on her hand. When she pulled back her phone, a man said to be in his sixties hit her, grabbed her phone, and fled.

The victim followed the suspect but lost sight of him and he has not been identified. 

Man attacked after refusing panhandler

Around 7:11pm on October 22nd, a 52-year-old man approached a 49-year-old man on the 900 block of Market Street (near 5th) and asked the younger man for money.

The victim refused, but the suspect followed him until the victim threw down his money and tried to flee. The suspect punched the victim repeatedly. The suspect was arrested, but it is unknown whether he retrieved the victim’s money.

Robbers flee in car after stealing phone and cash

A man said to be in his thirties grabbed a 30-year-old man from behind on the 100 block of Jones Street (near Golden Gate Avenue) at 2:25pm on October 21st.

The victim was knocked to the ground and robbed of his cell phone and money. The suspect got into a car with another man, also said to be in his thirties, and fled south on Jones Street. 

Anyone who has information about any of these incidents is encouraged to contact SFPD via the department's anonymous tip line at 415-575-4444, or text TIP411 with "SFPD" at the start of the message.

Here’s why we usually don’t include suspect descriptions in crime reports.

The Tenderloin Station holds community meetings with Captain Carl Fabbri on the last Tuesday of each month from 6pm-7pm.

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