Public Works Tentatively OKs Cell Phone Antenna For Haight & Clayton

Cell phone service may be improving soon in the Upper Haight.

This weekend, Public Works posted notification of a tentative permit approval for a new Verizon antenna and dual radio units above the corner of the intersection at Haight and Clayton.

The permit has yet to be issued, and though no public review is set to be held, Public Works will schedule one if residents or neighbors submit a protest in writing.

To be considered, protests must either be made by neighbors whose views or light would be blocked by the project (photos must be included).

The only other valid basis for protesting the installation are on the grounds that it would violate Planning compliance standards. Because the installation has ostensibly been approved, however, and because there are at least two other antennas within a few blocks, it's hard to see how an appeal would be sustained.

To make a protest in writing, submit online through the Planning Department by going to "Comment on Permit" and entering the project's tag number, 17WR-0315.

You can also mail a protest in writing to the Wireless Permit Protests desk at SF Public Works, Bureau of Street-Use and Mapping, 1155 Market St, San Francisco, CA 91103.

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