Rite Aid Closing Next Month At 14th & Broadway

The Rite Aid at 1400 Broadway is liquidating its inventory as it prepares to close.

According to tipster Al M., the pharmacy and market plans to shutter on January 9th, "unless the whole store gets rid of [its] inventory" first.

In October, pharmacy giant Walgreens announced plans to buy 1,932 Rite Aid's 2,186 locations for $4.375 billion, reported Money magazine. In the deal, more than 600 Rite Aid stores will close, starting early in 2018.

Many shelves have already been cleared. | Photo: Al M./Hoodline Tipline

With the acquisition, Walgreens will become the nation's largest pharmacy chain; the company already has an outpost at 1333 Broadway, about 150 feet from the soon-to-shutter Rite Aid.

The store's remaining inventory is deeply discounted, said Al; Christmas items are 75 percent off, and perishable items like ice cream have been marked down 50 percent.

Al said a staffer told him that "some employees will be transferred to other locations, and some will retire." After the closure, the only remaining Rite Aid in Oakland will be at 1991 Mountain Blvd. in Montclair.

It's unclear what will take over the ground-floor retail space inside the Central National Bank Building, a 16-story structure that was built in 1925. Although it's not classified as a landmark, it is included in a list of contributors to the Downtown Oakland Historic District.

Thanks to tipster Al M.! 

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Rite aid closing next month at 14th broadway