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Castro's U :Dessert Story opens today

Castro residents and visitors have a new place to indulge their sweet tooth: U :Dessert Story opens today at 3489 16th Street, a former Ike's Place location next door to Kitchen Story.

The shaved-ice shop is owned by Tammy Boonlieng and Yaya Chok. Boonlieng, also the general manager at Kitchen Story, told Hoodline the space will feature Japanese and and Korean-style shaved ice desserts made from organic and natural sources.

Owners Yaya Chok and Tammy Boonlieng. | Photo: Steven Bracco/Hoodline

"The shaved ice will be served with items like dango and sweetened red bean paste," said Boonlieng. "I'm very excited to open U :Dessert Story after five months of construction."

Along with shaved ice, U :Dessert Story also serves cakes, including chocolate lava with matcha ice cream, Young Coconut Pandan Crepe Cake, and a gluten-free, flourless chocolate ganache cake with olive oil ice cream.

Melon bingsu. | Photo: U :Dessert Story/Instagram

Customers can also order a variety of toasts, like mango sticky rice, mixed berry, and honey brick. The drinks menu includes coffee, tea, shakes, fruit smoothies, and cheese tea.

"People can come and not only eat, but also have fun while eating our desserts," Boonlieng said, adding that she's updating the menu monthly with new offerings.

U :Dessert Story has a dining area in the front of the space with small tables and benches, along with two separate areas in the back that can accommodate bigger groups.

Front counter at U :Dessert Story. | Photo: Steven Bracco/Hoodline

"The Castro does not have a lot of dessert places, and we wanted to add another dessert option for people who live in the neighborhood," said Boonlieng.

U :Dessert Story is open every day from 10 a.m. to midnight.

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