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With updated menu, Chomp N' Swig settles into new location

Following the closure of its Clement Street location in May, Richmond eatery Chomp N’ Swig is back in action in its new location at 5203 Geary Blvd. Hoodline stopped by to chat with business owner Albert Rodriguez for an update on the new digs.

Owner Albert Rodriguez (right) has lived in the Richmond for 12 years.

“We officially opened up here on July 28,” Rodriguez said, explaining that business hours are currently 10 a.m.-4 p.m., while his staff continued working behind the scenes. “First we applied for a change of use permit. After that, we'll deal with the state for a license transfer [to serve beer and wine]." 

Previously, 5203 Geary was home to neighborhood apparel staple Jeff’s Jeans, followed by European grocery store Eliseevski Euromart, which quietly closed its doors at the beginning of this year.  

The change of use permit will go into effect November 1, according to Rodriguez. In the meantime, the Chomp team is busy decorating the space with a brand new mural.

Customers stopping in this week will see the mural taking shape on the restaurant's interior wall. The artwork was designed by San Jose-based artist Frank Graciano, who also painted the wall at Chomp N' Swig's old location.

Photo courtesy of Chomp N' Swig/ Facebook

Hoodline also spoke with Rodriguez in June, after Chomp N’ Swig first moved to its current address. At the time, he was promoting a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the move.

Since then, the team has been busy installing new fixtures, remodeling bathrooms to be ADA-compliant, and making updates to the menu.

Longtime customers will be happy to know that the recently revamped menu features many Chomp classics. There’s the Born N’ Raised in Cali (a smoked turkey sandwich with bacon, provolone, house guacamole, and signature chomp sauce), a host of appetizers (including bacon gravy fries, a local favorite), and the Chomp Breakfast Burrito.

The prices of some sandwiches have gone up by a small amount, which Rodriguez explains is the restaurant’s way of accounting for the increase in minimum wage in San Francisco (which is now $15/hour).

Chomp N' Swig's updated menu as of October 2018.

The “swig” will be back in “Chomp N’ Swig” once the application for a beer and wine license is approved and the bar is installed. 

Once all the necessary paperwork is done, customers can expect to see a rotating list of craft beers at the bar. The new space will also allow Chomp N’ Swig to host its weekly events and test additional menu items in the future.

"We'll be doing our weekly trivia nights again," said Rodriguez. "But first we'll need to get the bar added!"

Neighbors are advised to keep an eye out for updates to the drink menu. Until then, Chomp N' Swig is open for breakfast and lunch every day from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. 

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