Presidio Trust closes parts of popular trails to dog walking as coyote pupping season begins

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
By Matt Charnock - Published on April 05, 2021.

Spring is in full force — which means coyote pupping season is here again. And to thwart unwanted squabbles with domestic canines, large sections of the Presidio’s Park Trail and the Bay Area Ridge Trail will be off-limits to dog walking starting Monday, April 5.

Coyotes typically mate and begin rearing their young starting in the spring and summer months, though the season may extend to as late as November. Even though coyotes are year-round stapes in the Presidio, the warmer months are when the pandemic’s unsung winners begin the process of birthing and parenting their young, making them protective of den sites.

As in recent years, the Presidio Trust announced recently it expects this year’s coyote pups to be born between late March and early April; many den sites have previously been recorded near and around the Presidio Golf Course. As a result: two of the 1,500-acre park’s more popular trails, the Park Trail and Bay Area Ridge Tail, will see their sections that border or run through the golf course close for dog walking. 

Starting Monday, April 5, these sections will remain off-limits to dogs until at least the fall; when the Presidio Trust deems it safe to again allow dog walking on the temporarily closed sections, the organization will update its “Coyotes in the Presidio” page with relevant information.

The nonprofit has also placed signs around the Presidio — especially along trails where coyotes have been active in previous years — to raise awareness about coyote pupping season.

As always: Remember that coyotes are, for the most part, far more afraid of us than we are of them and would prefer to be left alone. Never engage with a wild coyote nor feed them. Should you find yourself within 50 feet of a coyote and it hasn’t moved away, remember to stand your ground, make direct eye contact with the animal, and be incredibly loud. (The goal is to make yourself appear as imposing as possible and make the animal comfortable.)

Per park rules, dogs must be leashed at all times while in the Presidio — regardless of whether or not it’s coyote pupping season.

Those who encounter an aggressive coyote are encountered to report any “incident of concern” by calling (415) 561-4148 or sending an email to  [email protected]

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