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Published on February 25, 2024
Pittsburg Community Called to Action in Search for Missing 12-Year-Old Madison SolonSource: Facebook/Pittsburg Police Department, Pittsburg, CA

The Pittsburg Police Department is actively seeking assistance from the public to help locate a missing 12-year-old girl named Madison Solon, who reportedly ran away and hasn't been seen since the early morning hours of February 24. According to a notice released by the department, Madison was last seen at her home near El Dorado Drive in Pittsburg, California.

Authorities describe Madison as approximately 5 feet tall, weighing around 105 pounds, and was last spotted wearing an all-grey ensemble. The police have so far not hinted at any foul play but are nonetheless appealing to anyone with potential leads to promptly come forward to aid in their search efforts. The Pittsburg Police Department asks the public to be on the lookout and to immediately report any sightings or information that could to help locate, the juvenile.

In a public plea for aid, the police shared the details of Madison's disappearance through their official social media channels. The announcement, which included a photograph of Madison, was disseminated with the hope that community members could assist in fast-tracking her return. The online post, linked here, grants full visibility over the situation and urges widespread community vigilance.

Concerns are mounting as time progresses with no word of Madison's whereabouts. The police are encouraging anyone with information, regardless of how trivial it might seem, to reach out and contact the Pittsburg Police Department at 925-646-2441. In cases like these, even the smallest detail can sometimes prove to critically contribute to ensuring a safe return for runaway juveniles like Madison.