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Published on May 16, 2024
In Taco Stand-Off, Oakland Woman Allegedly Steals Taco Truck, Found Eating Inside by San Pablo PoliceSource: San Pablo Police Department

In a bizarre incident early this morning, a 51-year-old Oakland woman was arrested after allegedly stealing a taco truck and subsequently being found by San Pablo Police Department Officers indulging in the truck's food offerings.

Responding to a distress call, SPPD Graveyard Officers sprang into action moments after the alleged theft was reported. The truck's owner, in a valiant but futile effort, attempted to give chase on foot before losing track of the mobile eatery. Meanwhile, police arduously combed the city and, in less than an hour’s time, located the vehicle on the other side of town, with the suspect inside donning an apron from the said taco truck.

Upon discovery, the Oakland resident was found by the officers "rummaging through the inside, while wearing an apron from taco truck," explained San Pablo Police Department's Facebook post. When confronted, she purportedly confessed to the heist, revealing a simplistic motive: hunger led to her decision to "help herself to some food."

The police department's quick response reunited the owner with his taco truck, curtailing any extended disruption to his business. Aside from the detention of the suspect for several felony charges, the incident closed with no reports of injuries or taco shortages. The unusual nature of this theft underscores the lengths to which some individuals will go to satiate an appetite, even at a cost to law and order—as well as their freedom. The unidentified woman is now facing several felony charges and the prospect of setting up a jail cell rather than a taco stand.