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2hr Adobe Lightroom Class (SF)


All ages
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2hr Intro to Adobe's Lightroom Class

 Why do professional photographs look so good? Because of POST-PRODUCTION!

Adobe's Lightroom is the leader when it comes to post-producing multiple images. This class is designed to teach you about a professional's workflow. It's great for file management, overall edits and local ones. You can swiftly pick out the winners and toss the losers. Learn how to color correct one photo and apply it to other photos in seconds. Discuss how to process black and white images and have full control over the greyscale before you print. We'll teach you the latest HDR and panoramic tricks. Lightroom is simply so much more than a saturation and contrast slider.  This class is hands-on with a capacity of 15 people. 

Prerequisite: Before taking this class, you must have taken our Beginner's Photography Class. This is to ensure that everyone in the class has the same foundation of knowledge and no one gets left behind. You do not need to own the program to attend the class, but if you want to download a free trial, we'll give you all the details once you register. 

For questions, please email us at  Available dates are posted one month in advance. 

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