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34th Annual American Indian Art Show Marin

| 10 Avenue of the Flags
10 Avenue of the Flags 93427
General admission is $18 per person, with tickets available at the door. Special discounts are available by visiting the show website,
All ages
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From the organizer

The American Indian Art Show is ramping up for its 34th year at the Marin Civic Center. The show comes at a time when ancient and revered Native American aesthetics, in both their traditional and contemporary forms, have become celebrated elements in both home design and fashion.

Sure to delight both serious collectors and those who simply love and admire American Indian art, the show will offer some of the best examples of textiles, pottery, jewelry, basketry, paintings, and historic Native American objects, as well as Pre-Columbian and Spanish Colonial works, available on the market today. With over 100 exhibitors, the show’s treasures portray not just the deep traditional and historic design elements as used in functional and ceremonial art, but how they are incorporated into the best of today’s fashion and decor.

The distinctive artistry of the Alaskan and Northwest Coast peoples will also be for sale, including ancient wood and stone carvings, weavings, and paintings, as well as pottery works, fabrics, and jewelry. The often more subtle colors, beadwork, and lighter basketry and decorated hides of the Plains people capture stories of the nomadic life, which reemerge in the works found at the show by today’s Native sculptors, painters, and weavers. Echoes of old California, before the arrival of Europeans, are mostly apparent in the intricate basketry, always a major element of the show.

From the Navajo Nation to the Eastern Woodlands, from the Great Plains to the Northwest Coast, the show’s selection of indigenous artworks on offer will be spectacular. Other featured works include:

• Hopi and Zuni Katsinas

• Plains and Prairie beadwork

• Woodlands beadwork and artifacts

• Northwest Coast Chilkat blankets

• Pomo, Apache, and Tlingit baskets

• Navajo textiles

• Vintage and contemporary jewelry

• Acoma, San Ildefonso, and other Pueblo Indian pottery

For the second year, the American Indian Art Show|Marin is being held on consecutive weekends with the San Francisco Tribal & Textile Art Show, bringing together two historic shows to create the major West Coast event of the year for American Indian and Tribal art: San Francisco Tribal Art Week.

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