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5-Finger MBA


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The class is going to have two main components:

A Leadership program. The gist is to provide an overview of the Oakland community specifically and the Bay Area in general. You will meet various leaders from organizations working with entrepreneurs. That’s why this class is for those in business or seriously close to launching one.

The 5-Finger MBA – hone in on 5 specific areas of the business:

Your Product: the specific product you’re offering to the public, why anyone would buy it and why it benefits the buyer.

Niche Marketing: targeting your specific clientele because specializing is the most profitable route.

Referral Sales: getting so good at what you produce that people rave about your business.

Honoring Your Word: establishing your internal structure and external delivery system so that clients have an easy time doing business with you.

Financial Intelligence: Your opening capital, your opening expenses, monthly expenses and one-year projections.

The idea is to connect with business supporters and develop a detailed map of each component of your business.

5-Finger MBA begins 9 a.m. Saturday, October 14th

Each session: 3 hours for 7 weeks

Final Product: Completed business strategy and planning

Location: Oakland Business Assistance Center, Ogawa Plaza

Instructor: Boku Kodama, 40-year entrepreneur and research fanatic

Cost: $100 – $250. (Partial scholarships available, dependent on proof of household income level. Installment payment plan also available).

Financial Assistance is available upon proof of low/moderate income. If interested, please email as soon as possible and send proof of income (tax return, paystubs, receipt of unemployment benefits, social security, etc).

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