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Adult Recess: Love and Relationships

| 2097 Turk St

Anza Vista
Western Addition

2097 Turk St
2097 Turk Street 94115
$25 for early bird tickets, $40 normal
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From the organizer

Come to Adult Recess: Love and Relationships!

In the Valentine's Day Edition of Adult Recess, we will be playing games and participating in interactive exercises. Our intention is to acknowledge where we are in our relationships, identify what we truly desire and build momentum toward renewed vision and connections.

Play with friends or make new ones at Adult Recess!

The entire experience is interactive and playful, yet our introspective purpose shines through. Show up with your current perspective on Love and Relationships and intend to leave with renewed vision!

Examples of games that we might play:

High Five Jackpot

Thumb War Battle

Double Dutch Competition

Resonating Pie Slices

VIP Protection

Ball of Hope

The Agenda:

6:30-Games Bonanza! We will prepare about 8-15 simple games to play while we're waiting for everyone to trickle in.

7:15-9: Four facilitated games that match our month's theme, led by Coach Melissa Morgan Tang and Gamemaster Shuai Chen

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